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History of school

History of School

Harapan Bangsa Primary School was founded in 2008 to continue the Happy Holy Kids Kindergarten program. Both schools are afiliated under Tunas Cahaya Bangsa Foundation and was founded by 4 board leaders, Mr. Ronny Runtukahu, Mr. Doni Prasetyo, Mr. Daniel Henson, and the late Mrs. Lenny Priskila Tan who was the first principal of both schools. Their vision was to create future leaders through Christian education and shaping them to be intellectual, maximum, and have Godly character.

With a motto of “Making Life Better”, the school’s founders believe that a better future generation needs to have a Godly character, they need to know their true-life purpose as early as possible, and they need to grow and nurtured in their fullest potential. On its first year, Harapan Bangsa Primary School started its journey with a class of 20 students and 5 teachers, took place in the original school building in Jln. R.E Martadinata, Balikpapan. The following year, God blesses the school with a new school building located in Jln. Indrakilla, northern Balikpapan which is the current location of our campus.

The current school building was used for the first time in the beginning of academic year 2010 / 2011. Thankfully, the society of Balikpapan quickly learns about the school’s quality and how it’s more a advance than other conventional schools. The school started to grow exponentially and admits almost a hundred of new students each year. In February 2014, the school entered a rough patch as Mrs. Lenny Priskila Tan passed away, but by God’s guidance, the school continue to develop with a set of new school leader who were mentored by her.
On the same year, Harapan Bangsa Junior High School was officially established, followed by the Senior High School in 2017.

The name Harapan Bangsa Integrated Christian School is a sequence of school from Primary up to Senior High School Level. Currently, HHK and HBICS has 600 students and employs more than 100 faculty members and staffs. In the future, the school will continue its journey to become the best Christian school in Balikpapan which will create high quality Christian learners and future leaders.

Indrakila Street No. 99 G - Balikpapan 76125

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