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Our School Facilities

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School Facilities


Our school facilitates adequate and sufficient multimedia-based classrooms to support learning and teaching process. Each class has a projector, a computer set, 2 air conditioning units and WiFi all around the school area.



Computer LAB

Our school has a computer lab to support computer-based work and it functions as Language Lab as well. Computer lab for each area in our school starting from Primary, Secondary, to Senior High School has been supported with internet connection for better teaching and learning process.

Sport Field

For Physical Education (PE), outdoor activities, extracurricular activities, our school provides a basketball court for students to use in sporting activities.

Rest room / Shower Room

Our school provides student restrooms with good hygiene quality and shower room for HBICS students which are cleaned regularly. A decent sanitation is a vital necessity to HBICS student’s health, hence our school take this matter seriously


Medical Room

Our school provides a comfortable and fully-equipped medical room for students who are feeling unwell. The sick students will get first-aid treatment from our school nurse and they can rest inside the room in the case where the sickness is still containable. If the students need further treatment, the parents will be contacted.

Music Room

Our school music room provides a broad range of musical instruments, from modern (guitars, keyboards, basses, drums, etc.) to traditional (angklung, kolintang, sampe, etc.). The students can use the music room during music lesson, music-related extracurricular classes,and/or when they are preparing for music competition.



Our school library provides a wide range of book collection for the students, both fiction and non-fiction. We have more than 2022 books for the students to read. Besides books, our school library also provides a computer where students can read e-book comfortably. Students can use library’s computers for the purpose of research.

Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) Lab

Our Science lab is equipped properly in order to help students engaged in Laboratory experiments to make them have a better understanding in Science.

Our school’s multi-function hall, called MLB Center, is used to hold school’s events such as communal devotion,graduation ceremonies and competitions. The hall is furnished with high quality sound system and multimedia equipments. The capacity of the hall is +/- 600 people.



Hall Of Fame







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